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Anstruther, The OS, &&&

KHASHAYAR MOHAMMADI’s 2018 PICKS 1. “Chlorosis” by Michael Flatt and Derrick Mund (The Operating System) As they describe the book themselves, “A break-up letter to the world.” The Echopoetics of “Chlorosis” forces us to face the bitter truths about our environment. through their rhetoric we sit down with 3D Glasses to watch nature crumble all […]

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Contrary to what cannot be found in a country’s major newspaper, it was a great year for poetry, Canadian and elsewhere. What do I read/look for? Did the work accomplish what it set out to do? Does it surprise/delight? Stay with me? As a publisher/programmer the measure is “if this is the one thing we […]

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First of all, every publisher believes there’s is the best stuff out there this (or any) year. We’re no exception. Our first five, (one cleverly disguised as a ‘bon-bon’), all exceptional, stand alone. Good poetry in [very] pretty packaging with nods to our brilliant book designer, Norman Nehmetallah, and printer John De Jesus at Coach […]