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Word on a back lane

Sunday afternoon. Readings. Doesn’t get any prettier than this. MINOLA REVIEW is a quarterly online literary journal founded in 2016 with the aim of giving space for women’s writing. Today, the journal publishes the work of all those who identify as women and non-binary writers, continuing the founding mission of providing a platform for underrepresented […]

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Here’s the headline: ONE OF KFB’s BIGGEST EVENTS EV-VAH! SCARBOROUGH COMES OUT & SUPPORTS THEIR OWN! Not only the biggest, but the FRESHEST BRIGHTEST NEW WORK HEARD IN A LONG TIME! So much to be celebrated here, poets, but what stands out most besides the work itself, is the gushing well-spring of genuine love and […]

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How beautiful can a day be?

[Finally] The first of our new Living Room Series, featuring ALEXANDRA OLIVER, SADIQA DE MEIJER & KIRBY. A lovely day. Thanks to Katya at The Great Escape Book Store & League of Canadian Poets for their support of this series.