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Here we are.

KFB exists because poets do.

“POWERED BY POETS.” You, dear poets, readers of poetry, lovers of the book, are what keeps us here.

Like you, we continue to re-imagine/find/create new ways to maneuver with/through these days of disquiet and uncertainty. Your ongoing support (through kindnesses, words of encouragement, and subscribing, online sales, patreon/membership) has made it even possible for us to consider to do so. Most days, we are overcome with the very same gratitude that has sustained us from humble beginnings.

Thank you. We’ll continue to do our best to meet you in kind.

As far as “last nights” go, ours with none other than Alice Notley, reading from her latest, FOR THE RIDE, [that re-launched our successful KFB SELECTS Subscription Series] queerly prescient right down to the mask of the days/months that followed. If this was to be our exit, how grand.

KFB will not be returning to Artscape. Several reasons made moot by Covid-19, leaving/entering our current KFB SAL/ONline phase became an act of self-perservation. To see our way through to another space, another day. We hope to begin looking in the Spring 2021.

But DA-MN. We made the most of those seven months creating/holding a glorious space for poets/poetry—Sixty Poets in [our first] Sixty Days, our first ever installation work by Poet/Artist Jessica Hiemstra‘s The Sky Is Falling (again, ‘sign o the times’), the simple elegance of Kramer‘s delicious offerings/our first dinner gatherings (darlin’ I’m so glad we did this together), the readings, launches, workshops, new works, hundreds if not thousands of new and returning visitors and friends. You.

This is KFB.

The news is we’re not dead and tenacious as fuck. Still.

Refining. Growing.

NEW WORKS out this month by Neil Surkan, Gary Barwin + Kathryn Mockler, and the debut of KFB’s Pamphlet Series with Cory Lavender‘s Ballad of Bernie ‘Bear’ Roy.

NEW KFB SAL/ONline launching new collections by James Lindsay, Fred Wah, Sachiko Murakami, Jessica Moore, Kate Sutherland, WATCH YR HEAD [Editor, Kathryn Mockler] +++ TBA

NEW KFB SEE ALSO: SUBSCRIPTION SERIES featuring chapbooks, concrete, new forms, experimentation and ephemera to augment our already popular KFB SELECTS

NEW KFB HOT + SHOP KFB + continued KIRBSERV Curbside Pick-up in the Village + we ship

NEW ON BALCONY/IN HOUSE Interviews & Conversations

All of this to continue to do this simple thing that brings us joy. The one thing KFB does exceedingly well.

KFB. Poetry. Well-served.

By Kirby

Poet. Book Fairy. Publisher knife | fork | book

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