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First time

doris legs

I read at KFB for the first time two years ago with the launch of She’s Having a Doris Day, my beautific poet warrior sister CAConrad opened and we were introduced by fellow poet, Hoa Nguyen. People spilled out onto the street at Rick’s Cafe. It was a night.

Tonight, I read for the very first time in our glorious “new” space at the The Dark Side Studio (244 Augusta 2nd Floor) from my full-length debut (Permanent Sleep Press, out May 4th) with none other than AYESHA CHATTERJEE, CATHERINE GRAHAM, KATHRYN MOCKLER, and Poet Laureate of Canada, GEORGE ELLIOT CLARKE.

Poet, Samuel Guest, recently expressed (I paraphrase), “it’s not every day a poet is opportuned such a date.”

Sam, I couldn’t agree more.



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