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now known as an angelic upstart from coast to coast in Canada, [knife fork book] started out in 2016 and has blossomed into one of the top must-read venues for poets from all over North America.

Nathaniel G. Moore, Verbicide Magazine

99+ randomly selected photographs, a flurry of the past sixteen weeks, including our KICKASS National Poetry Month in April (our biggest month ever), to last week’s ‘power outrage’ reading, and still, even in the ice storm two weeks earlier, you came. And return, again and again, making KFB your ‘familiar.’ Awed, humbled, and so very grateful to you, the poets, who continue to make us who we are, a residence for poetry, powered by poets.*
That’s it, really.  knife | fork | book is completely powered by poets. “Organically,” from the start. People/poets often thank me for “all I do for poetry,” (and, you’re welcome) but I look at these pictures and see the real story, know what each of us bring to this shining place we cherish, hold dear.
It ain’t perfect, there’s exciting, challenging work to be done. And new direction, vision, opportunities as we move forward. Your ideas, suggestions, contributions are not only welcome, they’re essential.
Thank you, poets. Thank you for your love, for volunteering, donating time and talent, holding this space with me, making it so.
Look at these pictures. May we all continue to be rewarded ten-fold.
Yours, I remain,
Kirby,  knife | fork | book
p.s. Check out our NEW ONLINE SHOP, goodies added weekly.


*KFB’s new hashtag/byline to go with our striking new logo by poet, JOHN STI NTZI


By Kirby

Poet. Book Fairy. Publisher knife | fork | book

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