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A clearing

Love stills. MARTHA BAILLIE, JACK DAVIS, CONCETTA PRINCIPE astound. Last night.  knife | fork |book

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This evening’s poets cast a spell of stillness upon the room, like entering an unexpected clearing and finding solace there. We, too were, ‘waiting for the footfalls.’ (Principe, “This Real”). It’s hard to believe this was Jack Davis’ first reading from his brilliant debut, “Faunics.” Now, a piece of literary history.

And such a gracious full house of poets and lovers of poetry, rewarded in kind. Thank you.

Our only regret is we didn’t have nearly enough copies of the poet’s books for the launch (selling out before the readings even began). Deep apologies to all those who came out on such a cold night and went away empty handed.


It was a brilliant night, Kirby. You are the quintessential host: open, inviting and with the amazing ability to calm the poets’ nerves (Jack and me). It was a full house. Jack and Martha each were brilliant and people were kind enough to tell me I was good. And, Beth: when Kirby shared your message, we could feel you were with us. Thank you, Beth for all the art you have made possible with Pedlar Press.


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