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Skin & Meat Skies

“Pulverize the gems.”

First glance, a manuscript I didn’t have a clue just what I was looking at [which only increased my interest]. No, first it was reading Klara’s work, often how poets ever meet, like most good work, you pause, breathe, sit with it. You must. Attend. Arresting hand-painted photographs by Kadie Salmon. This can be nothing less than KFB.

To do this one thing. Well done.

Here at our inaugural poetry festival, Fertile Festival of New & Inventive Works with du Plessis, Anna Veprinska, Lindsay Miles and Kadie Salmon [via phone UK]

Thank you Klara & Kadie, and R.Kolewe for Skin & Meat Sky.

Thanks to all the lovers/poets who’s who who came.

Pictured Above: Kadie Salmon

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