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knife | fork | book, Canada’s All-Poetry Destination, is looking for a new home.

Over the years, we’ve had the privilege to create/co-create and inhabit some beautiful spaces. We’ve proven ourselves very adaptable in each, making things pretty, including our current online presence.

We’re in no rush. We aimed to be a steady rudder throughout the pandemic, and continue to be. Now we’re considering new opportunities, possibilities as the world opens up from here.

It can be a shared space [we’ve done quite well in] a nook/cranny of an existing business, a newsstand, something in a laneway, a hole in the wall to call our own. We don’t require/take up much space (and have enormous regard for). And, as you can see, we come with benefits. We’d be a welcome addition to any neighbourhood business area.

Ideally, we’d love a shop window, and if in Toronto, something easy to get to and full-accessibility is a must.

We’re small, and mighty. I can’t say we’re in it for the money, never have been. We’re here for the poetry, that’s all we serve. There’s a generous enough base/market for our purposes.

There used to be this lil smoke shop on King St W in the theatre district. A walk-in. Picture one complete wall of display shelves, the opposite wall bookshelves. That would do rather nicely.

A place for poets to hang and read, laugh and shine. Refresh.

All this to say if you have or know of an existing place that would love to house a poetry shop or nook, please get in touch.

Meanwhile, our KFB bookcart will soon be out and about in the city, along with our two robust subscription services, KFB Selects + |ˈfəːtʌɪl | and check out our online Poetry Dispensary at

And, if you are able to join our Patreon, any amount helps. Thank you.

By Kirby

Poet. Book Fairy. Publisher knife | fork | book

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