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What delights


“Where is your Self to be found? Always in the deepest enchantment that you have experienced.” – Hugo von Hofmannsthal

“When I laugh from my belly, it’s a good day.” – Kirby

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People often ask how I got into this poetry gig, or my own inquiry, “What keeps me here?”

The simple answer. It delights me.

From assorted tchotchkes on my desk, to JOHN NYMAN‘s nanopamphlet houseplants (Penteract Press), gorgeous art by ANDREA WAN in the new Canthius, the inside cover of JULIE MORRISSY Where the Mile End (Book*hug) selling out at their launch, premiere offerings from Philly-poet RYAN ECKES‘ spanking new Radiator Press, the haunting landscape of BRIAN DEDORA‘s border blur (NOIR Z :4) Kramer’s Supreme Tee (in Farsi), a friend wears a particular bird shirt to KIM FAHNER’s These Wings (Pedlar Press) launch, KIM FAHNER herself, KLARA DU PLESSIS and JIM JOHNSTONE bust a gut, a date night with poet JESSICA JOY HIEMSTRA to see AUGUSTO BITTER CHICHO (go), pairs of pugs meet, to a bustlin’ Saturday of newbies and regs at the shop.

Days have been anything but carefree of late. I will report on what delights me weekly. “KFB highlights.” What keeps me here. In no small part due to you dear poet, dear reader.

Yours, I remain,


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By Kirby

Poet. Book Fairy. Publisher knife | fork | book

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