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There are many reasons we are celebrating dear friend of the shop A. F. MORITZ this Friday evening. First and foremost, his poetry and the recent launch of his beautifully compiled selected, THE SPARROW (Anansi Poetry).

But there’s another reason it’s a “lovefest.” Al’s geniune enthusiasm, support, commitment, and love for his students and colleagues, fellow poets, he encourages, holds dear.

One recent example is when I flipped over DARREN BIFFORD’s new collection (Brick Books) to see/read Moritz’s careful, thoughtful, generous reading of the work. I had asked Darren about this and he said [to Al] “Keep writing, i might learn something.”

Join us in chorus for this one night only, remarkable occasion.

– Kirby,  knife | fork | book

By Kirby

Poet. Book Fairy. Publisher knife | fork | book

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