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It’s in the details




It’s always, always, always, in the details.

That’s what you have shown us, time and time again. The ‘little finds’ that bring such delight and pleasure to your publications, a ‘hidden’ numbered letterpress postcard, the way your subscription boxes are packed with such attention/intention (thank you interns/volunteers), colours, textures, scoring, embossing, the solid belief and direction you take with each release, stuff nobody else does (or does better) with material most wouldn’t go near, and is exactly the find I want to have/hold dear in my hands. An unparralled commitment to craft, both in writing and publishing. “UDP is pleased to offer you,” “Here, belatedly, is the final package of your subscription. We hope you’ll agree it was worth the wait.” “This package includes…” followed by a detailed listing, “Please consider,” (always, an invitation). the silver leaves on the inside cover of “moss & silver,” the translations, an alert to reprints, extraordinary all.

And now with the new Boyer.

And, you’re good people. Approachable. Inquisitive. So generous. Kind. Giving.

We are only in our sophomore year, and we aspire, we aspire, we aspire. You constantly inform our choices, enlarge our vision, raise the bar with each and every new arrival. We salivate, drool, molest, whimper, gasp, cry, read, read, read. And create and publish alongside you.

It’s a real pleasure to be UDP’s parnter shop here in Toronto. Dan, Anna, editors, board, volunteers, poets, translators, writers, team—for being such a powerful force and source—thanks for the privilege.

Happy 25th!

Yours, I remain,

Kirby, knife | fork | book

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