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February read 11/15, 22/25 (of an intended 50) in my #offtheshelf queue, and 24/29 in my #readin2018 queue: @newportmanteau – Call Out. Gifted to me by publisher @itsakirby, whose recommendations I treasure (and hope to seek out again soon). Close-up of #poetry shelf 2 (At to Go). These next reviews will hopefully be on the shorter side, because the queue has grown unwieldy (and already increased by one!), and I'd rather not extend it too far into March. Okay, how fucking cool is this chapbook?! SO MODULAR! One could literally shuffle the "pages" to generate countless different orders upon each re-read (and I suppose I could calculate the number of possible permutations, but, you know, fuck that noise). Or apply random numerical ordering! Or devise any kind of pattern with the available numbers, and order the pages accordingly! It's beyond excellent, and I can't get over how much I like it. Nor do I want to! And I know I have a tendency to rave about @knifeforkbook's chapbook design (shoutout to Norman Nehmetallah!), but please let me emphasize that one of the main reasons I do so is out of sheer admiration for how well each new design exemplifies qualities of the poetry it is presenting. It would be so easy for these decisions to come off as gimmicky, but with such dedication to the writing first and foremost, I don't think there's any danger of that happening with this press. I'm just so impressed, y'all. I've never seen something like this, and I'm so glad I saved it for last (of the three k|f|b chapbooks released last season). I can't wait to see what they come out with next (which will be this March, if I'm not mistaken!). #books #rasiqrasreviews #rasiqrarecommends #davidbradford #callout #chapbook #knifeforkbook #personallibrary #shelfie #februaryreads #literarylatergram #inspiration #amwriting #research #fuckyeah #luvyourlife #shelflife #booklove #modular #shuffle #cards #canadianpoetry #grief #backlog #cutthedeck #bookdesign #normannehmetallah

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