canadian poet poetry reading splendid spring

Holy Lark





knife | fork | book
at Rick’s Cafe | 281 Augusta Avenue | Kensington Market | Toronto

Doors 6:30  Poetry 7-ish
Access: Ramp entrance into shop.
DAVID WHITE is one of the contributing poets of Renga: A Collaborative Poem (Brick Books). In 1994 he competed his Ph. D. with the dissertation, “A Territory Not Yet On The Map”: Relocating Gay Aestheticism In The Age Of AIDS. He lives in London and is a Professor at Fanshawe College where he teaches Theatre History and Writing. The Lark Ascending is his first (solo) book of poetry.
About JESSICA HIEMSTRA’s The Holy Nothing (Pedlar Press, 2016). Most of Jessica Hiemstra’s new poems were written over several winters. They arrived both suddenly and slowly. To Hiemstra the poems of The Holy Nothing feel like the slake of a hard moment. Haiku poet Claudia Radmore says that Hiemstra’s poems want to be haibuns. There’s something so painfully unadorned and simple about her work, which isn’t simple-mindedness. Think of these poems as meditations.

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