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“I’m intoxicated by fire, light traveling through color, integrity of materials and making something where there was nothing… I love the overpowering silence involved.” LISSA WOLSAK (Vert Magazine)
Wolsak in Of Beings Alone interjects into her poetry the disappointment of our present time, compelled as it is by capitalism’s bottom line and the “mean” face it has acquired. Refusing to sentimentalize alienation or delineate dystopia, Wolsak creates a poetry of words that glow and create heat:  “some numbness of presence / an unutterable virtuosity/ spectacularized our being.” – Jeanne Heuving, author of The Transmutation of Love in Avant-Garde Poetics and Transducer

2015 Winner of the bpNichol Chapbook Award in a glorious reprint by TinFish Press.

Of Beings Alone : The Eigenface

We have a few copies in store. $27 CDN
Lissa Wolsak ~  Poet, goldsmith and practitioner of Energy Psychology in Vancouver, B.C., Lissa is the author of The Garcia Family Co-MercyPen Chants, or nth or 12 Spirit-like Impermanences; A Defence of Being; An Heuristic Prolusion; Squeezed Light: Collected Works 1995– 2004, and forthcoming long-poems Thrall; and LIGHTSAIL.

By Kirby

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