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Cactus flower

“And I have a new chapbook in the back for ten bucks.”

Poets pushing their new chapbooks. Music to my ears.

Frankly, I’m not a huge fan of “open mics,” largely because they’re often insular/clique-ish (the very same reading at each and every event) and messy (as in disrespectful, as in “too many” with most going over their allotted time, not to mention a boa constrictor one reader revealed hidden under their trench at Shab-e She’r Toronto… diverse indeed).

So, to see it done exceptionally well, and with purpose, at Accent Open Mic (Montreal), hosted by Cactus Press editors/poets Devon Gallant & Luc-Antoine Chiasson was a delightful surprise, with most of the open-mic’rs reading a single poem from their current or soon to come Cactus Press chapbook “on sale for only $10 at the back.” This, along with the jovial, inclusive atmosphere in the room, and some fine features (Sarah Venart & stephanie roberts) simply won my heart.

I asked Devon to pull “their newest and best” to be featured/sold at KFB (five titles currently found in our voluminous chapbook section at KFB EAST). And while it doesn’t include the new Julia Isler Sometimes the Price of Dick is a Little Crying, it’s a solid sampling from this vibrant nucleus grinding it out in Montreal.

Cactus Press

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