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Good morning

“Toronto’s Fully Accessible All-Poetry Destination.”

I’m still sitting with this.

A Sandie Shaw song plays on the Kirby jukebox, “and you’re nothing less than brilliant in my eyes.”

“I love how you sparkle.”

There’s so much I can say here, but you already hear my words as clearly as I’m hearing Sandie’s glorious pop vocals,

“Did I say thank you?”

Thank you. Thank you poets, readers, book lovers, voracious passionate poetry people. Supporters, publishers, Talonbooks, Anstruther, Rick’s, The Dark Side, Orbital Arts, Jessica, Hoa, Jim, Ralph, Kramer, brandy, Kate, Kim, Charlie, Dale, Shannon, Catherine, the Mockler, Damian, CA, UDP, Torben, Fan, Stintzi, Roxanna, Lauren, Eric, Cody, Prathna, David, Elianna, Norm.

Our regulars, everyone who continues to make a point of visiting/shopping with us.

To our beloved patrons and KFB Members. Your support is crucial to our being. We lay it down with/for you. (Please consider joining us at PATREON, and/or make a donation here.)

Hell, I’ll even thank those who disparage us. (The big fairy in her.)

One constant glorious stream.

A poet, I would say, a major force of a poet I deeply admire, made a point of saying, “Kirby, I want to congratulate you on doing the one thing that no one else has been able to do in this city, create a permanent home for poetry.”

Like I said, I’m still sitting with this. It’s fresh, new, every moment, each and every day. Entering our forth year.

And, it’s not small. It’s a Big Fucking Deal.

“Toronto’s Fully Accessible All-Poetry Destination.” Poetry Bookshop & Cafe.

k | f | b MEZZANINE

(or, as Liza would say, “KFB with 2 Z’s!)

But, I can’t sit for long, there’s new hours at the shop, and I’ve got to scoot.

I will say two or three things I know for sure:

I arrived home yesterday from our initial move, setting up for our first launch event TONIGHT, dead tired, I mean, not an ounce, to two packages that arrived at my home.

One, a personal copy of Roxanna Bennett’s Unmeaningable, with an inscription that speaks to our love (thank you, Roxanna, so dear).

And two, my pink scarf that “everyone’s online go to person” Marjorie Stintzi knitted for me.

Marjorie, I get to wear this tonight!

Yours, I remain,


By Kirby

Poet. Book Fairy. Publisher knife | fork | book

2 replies on “Good morning”

Congratulations, Kirby! What a beautiful job with a beautiful space. It’s such a glorious thing that you do, in itself and for us all. You will not go down in history but rather flow along and remain in history, the history of poetry in Toronto and Canada.


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