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I put a SPELL on you

march 16th


DAVID PETER CLARK | SPELL  (Swimmer’s Group) w/ music by JONATHAN PAPPO


knife | fork | book at The Dark Side Studio, 244 Augusta Avenue, Second Floor (walk-up above Bunner’s Bakery)

Doors 6:30 Poetry 7-ish  Wear socks (we’re shoeless).

DAVID PETER CLARK is a mysterious talent. One of those individuals whose modesty belies a complex imagination that synthesizes banality and peculiarity until it shimmers brilliantly on the page. What at first seems difficult and thick in his writing unfolds until pathways and networks begin to form. Sometimes the work is searching, sometimes it is sure, but it is always inquisitive and curious. Clark spent five years writing and assembling Spell and the work is only half-finished. One of the underlying structures within the book is a ring of moon phases, with signification outlined by W. B. Yeats in A Vision. Clark intersects this diagram with his own systems, making it halfway through the circle by the book’s end. Yet, this is far from an incomplete work, this is a honed and refined testament to Clark’s craft and intellect. (Swimmer’s Group)
David will be accompanied by JONATHAN PAPPO who seldom performs under the moniker Context, NA. A record will be released in 2018.
Book design by Kate Cheng | Cover art by Sebastian Frye

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