First of all, every publisher believes there’s is the best stuff out there this (or any) year. We’re no exception. Our first five, (one cleverly disguised as a ‘bon-bon’), all exceptional, stand alone. Good poetry in [very] pretty packaging with nods to our brilliant book designer, Norman Nehmetallah, and printer John De Jesus at Coach… Continue reading Gems

KFB Closed This Week (Nov 15-18th)

A REMINDER KFB will be CLOSED TODAY (WEDS) through SAT NOV 15-18TH for an event at the studio. Sorry for any inconvenience. SEE US & FRIENDS AT @MeetThePresses SATURDAY NOON – 5PM Thanks loves! @itsakirby #poetrydarlings #bookshop #chapbooks #toronto — knifeforkbook (@knifeforkbook) November 15, 2017 k | f | ‘b-eautiful’ CHAPBOOK BUNDLE DAVID BRADFORD… Continue reading KFB Closed This Week (Nov 15-18th)

“this sweet special place!!!!”

everything about this makes me love living in toronto — Damian Rogers (@damianrogers) October 25, 2017 infinitely grateful for the existence of this sweet special place!!!! — emma healey (@emmafromtoronto) October 25, 2017 Me and THE DOGS @marydimichele @GillisSusan @knifeforkbook — David Bradford (@BartleBeeps) October 29, 2017 POET @DBernierCormier (“Englishing” @froghollowpress) on… Continue reading “this sweet special place!!!!”