DAVID BRADFORD is a poet and MFA candidate at the University of Guelph. He is the author of Nell Zink Is Damn Free (Blank Cheque Press, 2017) and Call Out (knife|fork|book, 2017). He splits his time between Montreal and Toronto.  


February read 11/15, 22/25 (of an intended 50) in my #offtheshelf queue, and 24/29 in my #readin2018 queue: @newportmanteau – Call Out. Gifted to me by publisher @itsakirby, whose recommendations I treasure (and hope to seek out again soon). Close-up of #poetry shelf 2 (At to Go). These next reviews will hopefully be on the… Continue reading SO MODULAR


First of all, every publisher believes there’s is the best stuff out there this (or any) year. We’re no exception. Our first five, (one cleverly disguised as a ‘bon-bon’), all exceptional, stand alone. Good poetry in [very] pretty packaging with nods to our brilliant book designer, Norman Nehmetallah, and printer John De Jesus at Coach… Continue reading Gems

KFB Closed This Week (Nov 15-18th)

A REMINDER KFB will be CLOSED TODAY (WEDS) through SAT NOV 15-18TH for an event at the studio. Sorry for any inconvenience. SEE US & FRIENDS AT @MeetThePresses SATURDAY NOON – 5PM Thanks loves! @itsakirby #poetrydarlings #bookshop #chapbooks #toronto pic.twitter.com/yPvw7pNdFv — knifeforkbook (@knifeforkbook) November 15, 2017 k | f | ‘b-eautiful’ CHAPBOOK BUNDLE DAVID BRADFORD… Continue reading KFB Closed This Week (Nov 15-18th)

“this sweet special place!!!!”

everything about this makes me love living in toronto https://t.co/cLhAklSabj — Damian Rogers (@damianrogers) October 25, 2017 infinitely grateful for the existence of this sweet special place!!!! https://t.co/nPEOtOQotM — emma healey (@emmafromtoronto) October 25, 2017 Me and THE DOGS @marydimichele @GillisSusan @knifeforkbook pic.twitter.com/3ccm1ow3m9 — David Bradford (@BartleBeeps) October 29, 2017 POET @DBernierCormier (“Englishing” @froghollowpress) on… Continue reading “this sweet special place!!!!”