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Over the years, KFB has held a long, storied. passionate relationship with CACONRAD and WAVE BOOKS that continues with their return to TORONTO, SATURDAY MAY 6TH 7PM at the SPADINA THEATRE to celebrate by reading The Book of Frank in it’s entirety on the 30th Anniversary of its appearance. Called ‘a contemporary masterpiece’ by Thurston […]

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“write the unwritten” 

At the same time, I started to wonder: What would future sentences look like and what would they do in a present that precedes their use or, at least, precedes the places to which they point? These are descriptions for future sentences, however the plans for those sentences (i.e., their actual futures) are still the drawings. RENEE […]

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19 |03 MARK STRAND The Buried Melancholy of the Poet from ALMOST INVISIBLE (Knopf, 2012) 20 |03 NORMA COLE Still Today from FATE NEWS (Omnidawn, 2018) 21|03 ROXANNA BENNETT Intake Questionnaire from UNMEANINGABLE (Gordon Hill Press, 2019) Take 2 22|03 CARL PHILLIPS Overheard, Under A Dark Enchantment from PALE COLORS IN A TALL FIELD (FSG, […]

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First time

I read at KFB for the first time two years ago with the launch of She’s Having a Doris Day, my beautific poet warrior sister CAConrad opened and we were introduced by fellow poet, Hoa Nguyen. People spilled out onto the street at Rick’s Cafe. It was a night. Tonight, I read for the very […]

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“and what was the first thought to run across my heart this year—“ ~ Nietzsche, The Gay Science, ‘Sanctus Januarius’ — Paul Holdengraber (@holdengraber) January 1, 2019 “The role of the artist is exactly the same as the role of the lover. If I love you, I have to make you conscious of the […]

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Contrary to what cannot be found in a country’s major newspaper, it was a great year for poetry, Canadian and elsewhere. What do I read/look for? Did the work accomplish what it set out to do? Does it surprise/delight? Stay with me? As a publisher/programmer the measure is “if this is the one thing we […]

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View this post on Instagram DAY TWO : PURPLE @caconrad88 #workshop #KFBPoetryLab #sunday #occultpoetics A post shared by k | f | b (@knifeforkbook) on Nov 26, 2018 at 7:08am PST Thanks for making our KFB POETRY LAB inaugural weekend a SOLD OUT affair, with special thanks to HOA NGUYEN DAMIAN ROGERS and CACONRAD holding […]

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my biggest takeaway being something @CAConrad88 said, taken from their newest book While Standing in Line for Death, which went something like “by healing yourself you are healing the earth” which may be the most profound thing I have ever heard — steph sinclair (@stephiswriting) November 24, 2018 Thanks Steph – Kb

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If we’ve done nothing else, we’ve done this. – KIRBY KFB POETRY LAB SERIES LAUNCHES, SOARS with DAMIAN ROGERS HOA NGUYEN CACONRAD last night. Uncommon. Unforgettable. Beauteous.  

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POETRY MFS!RARITIES! CHAPBOOKS GALORE! BROADSIDES! SPECIALS! @CAConrad88 @peacehearty @damianrogers TICKETS! KFB POETS! NOON @DaleMartinSmith 3PM KATE SUTHERLAND! ALL DAY @itsakirby @MeetThePresses SAT NOON – 5PM TRINITY ST PAUL#killer #kickass #thegoods #poetrydarlings — knifeforkbook (@knifeforkbook) November 16, 2018 We’re bringing the good stuff. See you there. knife | fork | book PLEASE NOTE: Kensington shop […]