CAConrad April 27-29 at k|f|b

POETRY Workshop with CA Conrad: New Moon (Soma)tic Poetry Rituals  Internationally renowned poet and workshop leader CA Conrad offers two three-hour workshops in Toronto; spaces limited. Poet CAConrad has successfully used (Soma)tic poetry rituals to overcome depression after the murder of his boyfriend Earth (aka Mark Holmes).  He has also created writing rituals using the night …

k | f | b POETRY LAB

AT THE LAB CACONRAD OCCULT POETICS & (SOMA)TIC POETRY RITUAL WORKSHOP NOVEMBER 23 (Public reading), 24 & 25 (Workshop) CA RETURNS to “MY FAVORITE CITY I have ever visited, and this bookshop is one of my favorite bookshops on the planet!!” for three days of poetry MAGIC. SYNOPSIS. A short survey of occult poets and …


@CAConrad88 with an incredible small poem from Exquisite Corpse — Tom Snarsky (@TomSnarsky) June 30, 2018 CACONRAD NOV 16, 17 & 18 2018 knife | fork | book (details soon)  

“Find your smile.”

Poets, dear friends HOA NGUYEN + CACONRAD gallivanting around Naropa. (Thanks for the pics, loves!) MARK YOUR CALENDARS NOVEMBER 16, 17, 18TH CACONRAD READING + WORKSHOP at knife | fork | book  (Details soon to follow).  


Instead of politically correct, maybe it’s just plain correct to love someone and want them to have a place in this world where they are not persecuted and murdered. If you are someone who uses the term “politically correct” to dismiss the needs and concerns of others, try taking a moment before you say the words and …


Poetry is the opposite of escape but makes this world endurable. —CAConrad @CAConrad88 — KC Trommer (@kctrommer) April 25, 2018


A day (and, what a day. Thanks, Lynne). That’s all she needed.  knife | fork | book Pictured: Lynne DeSilva-Johnson. Ruby. Group Huddle 7 at TOPOS Bookstore & Cafe: CAConrad. James G. Southcott. Omari Douglin. Rachel James. Tommy Pico. Not pictured: Parker Menzimer. Photos: KIRBY p.s. I love how poets are there for one another.

Our ‘intern’

There’s something that you need to know, (if you didn’t already). Poet HOA NGUYEN is our intern here at knife | fork | book, a ‘title’ she herself came up with. We’ve been giggling ever since. Truth be told, Hoa is as responsible for fulfilling the dream of KFB into existence as myself. Our kite …