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Gorgeousness. Opening weekend. Eric Schmaltz. Leslie Joy Ahenda. Sagan Yee. Jaqueline Valencia. Jake Byrne. Aaron Tucker MA|DE. Kyle Flemmer. Anna Veprinska. Lindsay Miles. Klara du Plessis. Fertile Festival of New & Inventive Works 05-21 August 2022 The Great Escape Book Store 957 Kingston Rd [BackLane] Guest Curators The Blasted Tree. Gap Riot Press. Hosted by […]

beauty broadsides chapbooks events KFBFertile launch live new news pamphlets poet poetry pretty reading sale splendid summer very

Fertile ground

Sagan Yee Jake Byrne Jaqueline Valencia Eric Schmaltz Kyle Flemmer Aaron Tucker Leslie Joy Ahenda MA|DE Klara du Plessis Kadie Salmon Lindsay Miles Anna Verprinska Khashayar Mohammadi Nima Youshij Isla McLaughlin Claren Grosz Sarah Cavar Jessica Bebenek Kevin Stebner Melanie Dennis Unrau Dona Mayoora Rasiqra Revulva Dani Spinosa Kate Siklosi Katie O’Brien Jessica Lee McMillan […]

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“Goodness gracious am I ever looking forward to this!” KYLE FLEMMER, Poet, Publisher THE BLASTED TREE 8/7 3PM KLARA DU PLESSIS & KADIE SALMON SKIN & MEAT SKY LAUNCH FERTILE FESTIVAL OF NEW & INVENTIVE WORKS 05-28 August The Great Escape Book Store 957 Kingston Rd Curated by The Blasted Tree + Gap Riot Press […]

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Spelling it out

“It’s hard to ‘future’ these days.” And, here we are. KFB. At two new locations. Serving up poetry. No, it’s not the same as it was, nothing is. In some ways, we’re even more magical. And we’re here. LOOK I’ve always said, as a social enterprise, “we don’t need to make a lot of money, […]

beauty chapbooks KFBFertile pamphlets poet poetry pretty splendid summer thankyou very

23 Reasons We Love to East

Cassidy. Annick. Michael. Matthew. Jennifer. Victoria. Ayaz. Tolu. Dale. Jim. Zane. Shane. Triny. Andrea. Anna. Chapbooks. Ephemera. Bardia. (Beside Bardia.) Margaret. Katya. Great Escape. Deck. Garden. Shed. Reading hammock. Readers welcome. Come. Browse. Shop. Find. Enjoy. The Great Escape Book Store. 957 Kingston Rd. Home of KFB EAST. & FERTILE FESTIVAL OF NEW & INVENTIVE […]