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“Our aim is to serve the book, with an eye towards the beauty of the book in hand.” – KIRBY, Publisher, knife | fork | book The first Bradford. The first Stintzi. The first Turner. The first Cody. Early Khashayar & Prathna. The full-length debuts of Cavuto & Sharp. The pairings of Truscott & Lindsay, […]

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Come. Ruin yourself.

“Whatever girl dares to read just one page is a lost girl / but she can’t blame it on this book / she was already ruined – LISA ROBERTSON, Boat (Coach House Books). Come. Ruin yourself. KFB EAST at The Great Escape Book Store 957 Kingston Rd Tues-Sun 10-5 KFB WEST at Capital Espresso 1349 […]

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Cactus flower

“And I have a new chapbook in the back for ten bucks.” Poets pushing their new chapbooks. Music to my ears. Frankly, I’m not a huge fan of “open mics,” largely because they’re often insular/clique-ish (the very same reading at each and every event) and messy (as in disrespectful, as in “too many” with most […]

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Western stars

Meanwhile. The West is sitting pretty. KFB WEST at CAPITAL ESPRESSO 1349 Queen St W Parkdale. Daily.