19 |03 MARK STRAND The Buried Melancholy of the Poet from ALMOST INVISIBLE (Knopf, 2012)
20 |03 NORMA COLE Still Today from FATE NEWS (Omnidawn, 2018)
21|03 ROXANNA BENNETT Intake Questionnaire from UNMEANINGABLE (Gordon Hill Press, 2019) Take 2
22|03 CARL PHILLIPS Overheard, Under A Dark Enchantment from PALE COLORS IN A TALL FIELD (FSG, 2020)
23|03 FRANZ WRIGHT Leave Me Hidden from F (Knopf, 2013)
24|03 NOLAN NATASHA I miss you from I CAN HEAR YOU, CAN YOU HEAR ME? (Invisible, 2019)
25|03 MARGE PIERCY Ne’ilah from THE CROOKED INHERITANCE (Knopf, 2006)
26|03 JOHN GIORNO Stretching It Wider (1982) from YOU GOT TO BURN TO SHINE (High Risk, 1994)
27|03 HOA NGUYEN ps: from VIOLET ENERGY INGOTS (Wave, 2016)
28|03 CHAD BENNETT Where Your Body Is Is a Very Precious Place from YOUR NEW FEELING IS THE ARTIFACT OF A BYGONE ERA (Sarabande, 2019)
29|03 RAINER MARIA RILKE Archaic Torso of Apollo (trans. Stephen Mitchell)
30|03 THOM GUNN The Hug from THE MAN WITH NIGHT SWEATS (Faber, 2010)
31|03 ESSEX HEMPHILL Black Beans from CEREMONIES (Plume, 1992)
01|04 LUCAS CRAWFORD Separation from BELATED BRIS OF THE BRAINSICK (Nightwood Editions, 2019)
02|04 DENNIS COOPER Jeff, After a Long Time from IDOLS (The Sea Horse Press, 1979)
03|04 ANNA MOSCHOVAKIS What It Means to Be Avant Garde (for David Antin) p.31 from THEY AND WE WILL GET INTO TROUBLE FOR THIS (@Coffee_House_ 2016)

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