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Stintzi & Turner (& one proud fairy)

Both Stintzi and Turner recently published chapbooks with knife | fork | book, a poetry-only small press and bookstore in Toronto. I had the privilege to visit k | f | b in June, and I am so excited to give it—alongside its owner, Kirby, a CanLit institution—some much-deserved attention in the States. READ MORE […]

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“Without him, am I inside or Out?”

KFB REVIEW INSIDE|OUT  JOSEPH OSMUNDSON Sibling Rivalry Press, 2018   I open Inside/Out and immediately I’m greeted with a rustic depiction of Boyhood; “Boys” getting dirty, “Boys” in school who allowed for a gaze to linger, “Boys” one could do homework with and laugh and “Boys” who eventually grew up to be mean. “Boys” where […]