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A sampler of current books we love.  knife | fork | book

ERIN ROBINSONG Rag Cosmology (BookThug) KATHRYN MOCKLER DAVID POOLMAN Some Theories (ST Press)  KIMBERLY ALIDIO After Projects the Resound (Black Radish Books) MARCUS MCCANN Shut Up Slow Down Let Go Breathe (Invisible) LINDA BESNER Feel Happier in Nine Seconds (Coach House) IGOR KOHLIN Kohlin 66: Diaries and Poems trans. Ainsley Morse, Bela Shayevich (Ugly Duckling Presse) CHELY LIMA Lo Que Dijo El Licantropo / What the Werewolf Told Them tran. Margaret Randall (The Operating System) HARMONY HOLIDAY Hollywood Forever (Fence Books) HOA NGUYEN You Then a Dang (Belladonna).