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wQr Poetry Reading Series @ KFB

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FROM NYC | IN PERFORMANCE At a table, Braun and Menzimer trade Sapphic fragments over coffee. Whether the words the other’s or their own, they are logged with the conviction of devoted functionaries. As the libretto loops and the snake spits its tail back out, the lines come to sit like punch lines and jingles. […]

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3 locals

THIS WEEK | THURSDAY NIGHT POETS GWEN BENAWAY + EMMA HEALEY + DAMIAN ROGERS MARCH 2ND knife | fork | book at Rick’s Cafe | 281 Augusta Avenue | Kensington Market | Toronto Doors 6:30  Poetry 7-ish Photos: from their websites  

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Congrats to CLAIRE MARIE STANCEK and the successful launch of her debut MOUTHS (Noemi Press) last night. knife | fork | book Thanks Norman.

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NEW! Poet’s Picks

  POET’S PICKS | LAURA K McRAE SUE CHENETTE* Slender Human Weight (Guernica Editions) ROO BORSON Short Journey Upriver Toward Oishida (McClelland & Stewart) ROBIN ROBERTSON Swithering (Anansi) HOA NGUYEN Violet Energy Ingots (Wave Books) Poet LAURA KATHRYN McRAE (Distributaries, Frog Hollow Press) visited the shop yesterday to drop off some beautiful books (including a fine edition […]

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When books you ‘forgot’ you ordered start arriving [all at once] and you’re delighted. knife | fork | book

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The beauty of the reader.  knife | fork | book

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Intending the new

With every encounter, I seek to draw out an idea & place it among a constellation of thought within which I try to locate my work. Poet ERIC SCHMALTZ dropped by the shop to deliver these gems of utter delight, completely rocking my world. Find them here.  knife | fork | book see also: Eric’s […]

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“Meanwhile, beauty prevails.”

III. WHAT IS IT TO HOLD BUT TO ECHO THIS WEEK | THURSDAY NIGHT POETS CLAIRE MARIE STANCEK MOUTHS LAUNCH FEB 23RD knife | fork | book at Rick’s Cafe | 281 Augusta Avenue | Kensington Market | Toronto Doors 6:30  Poetry 7-ish Claire Marie Stancek is the author of Oil Spell (Omnidawn, 2018). With Daniel Benjamin, […]

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This day

Such times. knife | fork | book Photo: KIRBY